In business since July 2012…

We deliver top of the line service – the type of service that we would like and expect to receive from someone caring for our own pets. We generally spend at least 30 minutes per visit with your pet, unless other arrangements have been made. We spend that time however you would like: walking, playing, feeding, petting, brushing or just spending time with your pet. We make sure your pet gets quality care while you’re away so that your time away can be completely worry free.

Quality Results

We visit you and your pet in your home, which allows you to get to know your pet care provider and gives us the opportunity to meet your pet and become familiar with his/her needs. This consultation is free of charge.


We provide the following pet care services: Dog Walking, Exercise & Playtime, Belly rubbing, Brushing, Back Scratching, Feeding, Water Bowl Refreshing, Taking in Mail & Newspapers, Watering Plants & Flowers, Cat care & all that goes along with it, Litter changing, Loving, Combing, Petting, etc…


Growing up in the South Suburbs of Chicago, I have always been an animal lover! When I graduated from Rich Central High School, I thought I was going to go in the direction of animal care but the C.B.O.T Financial Markets struck my curiosity.

I entered the financial world directly out of high school and went through all stages of the industry until landing a supervisor position on a trading desk. I proceeded to stay there 25 years until our CEO mishandled funds and bankrupted our 100+ year old company. The world as I knew it had been changed forever!

I found myself (along with 1100 other people) with no job, no severance pay, no health insurance and in this economy……no hope.

This is when Lynn and I, sitting in her living room, came up with Dogs, Cats & a Couple of Chicks! My life changed! I am finally going to do what I always wanted to do – SOMETHING FOR and WITH ANIMALS! I feel very lucky to have had a good job for so long, but this was my opportunity to do something I LOVE!

Now I am rewarded every time I step into someone’s home and a dog or cat thinks I am the best thing ever! Either a tail wagging, lick on the face or just an expected belly rub! I am there to oblige!

Being able to provide a service for families so they do not have to worry about their beloved pets is something I should have done a long time ago. Not only are the families getting a service, but so am I. Call it therapy if you want, but I call it LUCKY!


I have always loved cats and dogs, and wanted to work with animals. The idea of daily pet care was on my mind, but I knew I needed a partner to properly accommodate the needs of clients. In the summer of 2012, I was talking to my friend, Beth. She was looking to make a career transition and wanted to do something with animals, something to help people. I suggested daily pet care and “Dogs, Cats, and a Couple of Chicks” was hatched!

I was born and raised in Homewood and am an H-F graduate. With a B.A. is Sociology from Drake University in Des Moines, IA, I have worked in advertising sales, corporate collections, and customer service. In 1999, I graduated from DePaul University’s Computer Career Program and worked as a computer programmer for the next 5 years. I learned a lot and met some fantastic people, but realized that I would rather spend my time communicating with living beings as opposed to sitting in front of a computer. I am a full-time realtor with Baird and Warner Real Estate, and enjoy helping people buy and sell their homes.

But you can’t deny your calling…and I was born ‘in love with’ dogs. My love for cats came later. When I was 6 years old, I did everything I could think of to convince my parents that we needed a dog. I was sure that I couldn’t survive another day without one. I spoke of little else. Finally, a wonderful neighbor, who had been witness to my deep need for a dog, dragged my mom to the shelter. It was the greatest day of my life! I will never forget the day they rounded the corner. Winnie, a cockapoo, with her head out of the station wagon window, and I locked eyes, and we were in love for the next 16+ years. She was my very special dog, best pal, partner in crime, the works!

Right after graduating from college, my roommate brought home a cat. Within a week of Peekaboo’s arrival in our home, we all realized that he and I were meant to be together. He and I spent the next 16+ years as best buddies. He was very special and is deeply missed. Now, I have two special little kitties in my life, Prima and Roxy. They bring me much joy, and I appreciate them allowing me to be their person. I’ve locked them in my home so they have no choice, but they seem to be pretty happy, healthy, well-adjusted girls. J.

Our business is one year old. We’re busy and having lots of fun with so many special animals, but we still have time slots to fill!


Office => 708-991-7547


Based in the Homewood-Flossmoor area, our service area includes all surrounding communities.


Service cost depends on your location and needs starting at $13/visit.